Washington Wine Giveaway Week 2

Listen up wine lovers, I’m giving away a bottle of Washington wine each day this week. Well, technically, I’m not giving it away, the wine is going to be sent to you from wine.com and it’s paid for by the folks at Visit Seattle who are behind the #2daysinseattle promo online. Mrs. B and I spent 2 days in Seattle last year and had a blast—this year they’re doing again.

Next week I’ll be giving away a trip for #2daysinseattle to one of my subscribers so stay tuned!

This week I get to judge who gets the wine each day and here’s how we’ll do it – I pick one stellar Washington wine (valued up to $100) each day. If you want to have a chance to win it your job is share the best food pairing to go with the wine. You’ll tweet out/post on G+ out your food pairing suggestion with the ‘#2daysinseattle‘ tag.

I pick the person who has the most creative food pairing. It can be a recipe link or just the name of the dish with some ingredients. Sound easy? The official rules are here. Pay attention to the grape and age of the wine and think about ingredients from Washington state. If I post a Cabernet I don’t want to see “steak” as an answer…get creative!

Here’s the wine of the day today:

col solare

Friday – 2007 Col Solare

Thursday – 2008 Buty Phinny Hill Rediviva

Wednesday – 2004 Andrew Will Sorella

Tuesday – 2008 Leonetti Sangiovese

Monday – 2001 Woodward Canyon Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon



Congratulations to Harry on his winning dish yesterday to pair with Col Solare. Stay tuned next week when we give an entire trip away to Seattle to enjoy Taste Washington as part of #daysinseattle.

Fri Washington Wine winner

Thursday continued the trend of focusing on localized ingredients. You can’t get much more local than this dish from Juli aka @JKCevents:



There were some really great pairings…each day this week they’ve gotten better and better. A key to pairing with red wine is to look at the tannin level of the wine and match it accordingly to the fat content in beef. More tannin calls for more fat content. I really like Khris’ suggestion using a local beer in the braise…if we were giving away two bottles, that one would also win:


Wednesday’s winner caught on to what’s going on here—he focused on key Washington state ingredients. Walla Walla onions were a good ingredient to weave into the dish, but Jeff went a step further and added in a specific blue cheese from Willapa Hills.

There were lots of good choices, and more people are adding in WA ingredients so it was a tough choice. The dish Jeff suggested works really well because the tannins in the red wine have mellowed a bit from the 2004 vintage, and tannins melt fat in proteins like lamb chops.


On Tuesday we had a Sangiovese from one of the most iconic producers in Washington state. Leonetti is well known in steakhouses and collector circles for their Walla Walla wines. Sangiovese is a bit of a curve ball as Washington state isn’t known for the grape.


Caroline Chang made good use of Washington state ingredients in her dish suggestion. I liked that she highlighted cherries because Sangiovese has a distinct bright red cherry note to it.

There were a bunch of really good suggestions, some of which are below. The pork ragu suggestions were unfair because one of my favorite dishes ever is pork ragu, however, the dishes didn’t make good use of Washington state ingredients. Cherries are a big crop in WA state, so the suggestions that made use of a local ingredient like cherries got the nod. As a side note, this blog is all about food and wine pairing—there’s lots of recipes on this blog!

Tuesday_1 Tuesday_2



Monday’s winner for the best food match to go with 2001 Woodward Canyon Old Vines was from Jared Gatti. He came up with a real interesting pairing that makes use of local Washington ingredients. While I wouldn’t normally think to match oysters with red wine, in this case the red wine is lighter in body from age, but it has a little bit of an iodine note and a bit of sweetness from oak that would match and contrast with the reduced soy on the oysters. The foraged mushrooms were a nice touch.

washington wine Jared


Is this a perfect pairing? No. Some of the other ones listed below were real close contenders, but Jared got extra points for thinking outside the box while at the same time focusing on local Washington ingredients. Is it a good pairing? To me this is very interesting and would make for good conversation and a good start to a meal. Some close seconds:

bison carol Clive SaltySeattle

Keep the good ideas coming because we have 4 more wines!

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