Video Update on the Napa Valley 2012 Vintage 4

When you hear about a “good” vintage or a “bad” vintage do you know what determines the difference? Here’s a video update on Napa Valley’s 2012 as it’s taking shape. This year is looking like it’s going to be a “good” or maybe even “great” vintage in the valley.

And this from the winemaker perspective up in Calistoga at the other end of Napa:

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4 thoughts on “Video Update on the Napa Valley 2012 Vintage

  • Thomas Ryan

    Great video! Learned a ton.

    I am currently intensely studying wines-focusing on Malbec at the moment-so I can one day get certified as a Sommelier.

    Again, great video! Well done!


  • Ana Lucia Novak

    Hi Rick, great educational video on deciphering the difference between “good” vintage or a “bad” vintage. One time David and I were honeymooning in Mendocino, we tasted some wine that had a strong smokey flavor to it. Turns out that there was a heavy fire in 2008, yet they made the wine and well, I didn’t like it. So we always ask, is this the 2008 vintage? We always make sure we don’t buy any wines from Mendocino region that were made in 2008. But I will tell you though, Claudia Springs Pinot Noir and Navarro Vineyards carry wonderful tasty Pinot’s.