This Holiday Season #Drinkwutchyalike 1

Before Digital Underground brought us the Humpty Dance, they gave us a song called Doowutchyalike. I might be showing my age here but I used to play this all the damn time when I was a DJ in college:

“Just eat food try not to be crude or rude, kill the attitude… chill the serious mood…and doowutchyalike”

2012 is almost in the books, and if the Mayan calendar is right we’ve only got a few weeks left before that or the fiscal cliff ends everything, so you might as well doowutchyalike. It’s not important what anybody says you should drink with your Thanksgiving dinner, or how you’re supposed to serve wine at your holiday party or even what bottle of bubbles you’re supposed to drink on New Year’s Eve (if we make it that far). Fuck it, drinkwutchyalike.

I shouldn’t swear in blog posts, but I decided to blogwuthchyalike. There’s too much wine content online as it is. Everybody’s a drink expert telling you to this or do that. Why overcomplicate such a simple thing? If you like something, drink it and forget any sort of rule or what you’re “supposed to do”.

One thing I like about the role of a sommelier is to be a “taste sherpa” guiding and educating fellow wine lovers, but the good ones have humility and ultimately are there to be of service. Only your taste buds know what they like.

So this holiday season, drinkwutchyalike.

And if you post your drink of choice online, I invite you to use the hashtag #drinkwutchyalike on Twitter or G+. Let’s see if we can spread the idea and get back to just enjoying a beverage without all the fuss. If you don’t use the tag, that’s cool too. Just postwutchyalike!

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