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Riesling!…..beautiful, glorious Riesling!! When it’s good it’s reeeeally good. Few grapes can express the place they’re grown as well as Riesling, and when they’re well made they can put even the geekiest wine lover into a drooling, hypnotic mess.

When Riesling isn’t well made it can be overly sweet and uninspiring so there’s a wide range of styles and perception skewed by a run of overly chaptalized cheap wines in Germany during the 1970’s and 1980’s. One example of a producer that gets it right is Robert Weil. Every time I see that light blue label it gives me the same reaction Mrs. B gets when there’s a Tiffany gift bag under the tree. There’s something about this color that lets you know you’re in for a treat!

Robert Weil winery has been making wine in Germany’s Rheingau since 1875 when Dr. Robert Weil bought his first vineyard in Kiedrich. The local mix of slate, clay and loess soils and slightly warmer temperatures provide growing conditions that some say produces a more powerful style of Riesling than the famed Mosel region. Great care is taken in the Robert Weil vineyards to maintain the vines with as little chemical influence as possible.

The vineyards of Robert Weil in Rheingau

Do yourself a favor and get a bottle or two for around $20, if not to enjoy during Thanksgiving (or any meal) then to give as a gift. There’s a really good chance someone at the table will blurt out “OMIGOD” along with some four letter words used in a positive way when describing how good the Riesling is.

When you open up a Tiffany gift bag you know you’re going to get something good. Is it a silver pendant? Is it a pair of pearl colored ear rings? When you unwrap one of these babies you’ll be treated to a light white gold wine with silver green highlights that shimmers like a pair of silver Tiffany earrings. It’s the gift that’ll keep on giving in the glass like only a beautiful complex Riesling can.

A few stellar recent vintages to look for are 2005, 2007 and 2009. Other good vintages are the even numbered years in between those odd years—they’re good but not legendary. Look for the bottle with the light blue label and capsule. Hope you get to enjoy a wine from this producer. Please leave a comment if you’ve had a chance to try a bottle. Cheers!

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