The 12 Wines of Christmas: Wine #9 2008 Maison Jacques Bavard Monthelie Blanc

This isn’t a “Best Wines of the Year” kind of list, it’s 12 wines of Christmas that have a combination of quality, affordability and X-Factor. Surely, there’s a number of Burgundy wines that could make this list as a “best of the year”, but I picked this one for a few reasons:

First, it’s under $25. Burgundy can be a fickle friend, sometimes delivering a masterpiece Villages wine from an unexpected vineyard, while other times frustrating even the most seasoned collector with disappointing Grand Cru’s from seamingly “can’t miss” producers. If you don’t have the kind of scratch to find out which is which, this Chardonnay falls into the Really Good Wine that Your Chardonnay Loving Friends will Like bucket.

Second, it’s from Puligny-Montrachet. That’s the village sandwiched between two other prime villages known for some of the best Chardonnays on planet Earth—Chassagne-Montrachet and Meursault. Perhaps the most famous Chardonnay vineyard in the world is Le Montrachet and it straddles the villages of Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet. This is made from grapes not too far from that one.

And finally, Jacques Bavard focuses on clean, stylish wines from organic and biodynamic grapes. Look at the wine in the glass and watch the highlights of white gold shimmer like a Tiffany necklace…oh wait, Tiffany makes stuff out of Silver. You can pick up what I’m puttin’ down…it’s pretty to look at because of clean winemaking.

Did I mention it’s less than $25 bucks (23.99 at K&L)?? Holiday parties and dinners are going to require more than one bottle so everyone gets to have a glass of the good stuff. Yeah, that’s why it’s one of my 12 Wines of Christmas.

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