The 12 Wines of Christmas wine #2: 2010 Marco Felluga Collio Molomatta

If you’ve followed the list so far, you may have noticed a trend. The average retail price of each bottle has been right around $25. The idea is to find exceptional bottles that won’t break the bank while providing enjoyment with friends and family. This Italian gem retails for about $23 on

Italy’s Friuli region is way up in the northeastern part of Italy near the border of Austria and Slovenia which explains why there’s a German and Austrian influence in winemaking. Modern techniques produce a clean, fresh precise wine from cold fermentation, minimal use of sulfur, barrel fermentation and barrel aging.

Marco Felluga is more of a ‘super’ Friulian that can best be described as magic in a bottle. Light white gold color with glints of brass instruments show off the precision in winemaking. Enticing aromatics of fresh tropical fruits, tree fruits and pit fruits come together like a hawaiian garden. There’s ripe yellow apple, white peach, hawaiian pineapple, tangerines and vanilla bean wrapped around a precise Ferrari-inspired stylish core.

If that description sounds like a bunch of wine review mumbo jumbo, do yourself a favor and just get a bottle and see for yourself. This is a wonderful wine and it’s well priced at twenty three bucks, and a great bottle to share during the holidays. Thank me later!

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