The 12 Wines of Christmas: Wine #10 2004 Marqués de Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial


When it comes to affordable luxury, Castillo Ygay has it written all over the bottle. My 12 Wines of Christmas list isn’t meant to be a “best of the year” kind of list, it’s wines that are exceptional and exceptionally priced. This vintage was selling for around $40-$60 a bottle which seems like a steal compared to other red wines of this caliber.

Holiday dinners are a time for celebration and good food. This is the kind of wine you bring out for those occasions, and because it’s so well priced you can afford to have a few bottles on hand to make sure everybody gets some. And then some more ;)

Practically an instant classic upon release this vintage of Ygay is made with Tempranillo and a bit of Mazuelo grapes from the finest vineyard sites. It gives you everything you could want and more from Rioja—sweet red fruits, dried/cooked plums, dried flowers and of course a little damp North Carolina tobacco leaf. There’s a smidgeon of oxidation or possible a little brett on the nose but it’s a bit player in the band along with a little leather, iodine and baked earthy components.

It should be widely available and should be widely consumed. If you’re opening a bottle (or three) send me a tweet and I’ll be right over to make sure it’s okay for free. What else can you get for free?

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