The 12 Wines of Christmas: #5: 2010 Kilikanoon Watervale Riesling Mort’s Reserve

Here’s a wine that’s hard to say but easy to enjoy. Riesling is BFF’s with sommelier’s and wine geeks all over the world for good reason. Few grapes express the place they were grown like Riesling. Legendary Rieslings from the top regions can be haunting, complex and driven by minerality, especially when they’re grown in slate soils.

Australian wines are starting to make a comeback here in the states and word is getting out about Clare valley where a mix of limestone and alluvial soils coupled with cooler temperatures at higher elevations set the stage for benchmark Rieslings. This particular Riesling is chock full of power and finesse at the same time. Vexing mineral-led aromatics in the glass unfold into layers of lemon chiffon, fresh key lime zest and summer honeysuckle wrapped around a precise core of ripe granny smith apples. If this wine were a car it could be a MINI  (aw snap! There’s your German reference :) ) In other words, it’s affordable hipster style at about $25 a bottle.

I hope you’re starting to sense a theme with this 12 Wines of Christmas list—average price across all wines is around $25-$30 a bottle. I’m looking for great wines for your enjoyment that won’t break the holiday budget. And that’s why Kilikanoon Watervale Mort’s Reserve Riesling is one of the 12 wines of Christmas.


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