The 12 Wines of Christmas: Wine #12 – NV René Geoffroy Champagne Expression Brut Premier Cru 2

This list is a compilation of memorable wines I’ve had throughout the year that I think you might enjoy during the holiday season. The wines were picked for their quality, value, typicite, availability and a little somethin’ somethin’ I like to call “X-Factor”.

Without further adieu, here they are…

#12 – NV René Geoffroy Champagne Expression Brut Premier Cru

There’s two kinds of sparkling wine: Champagne (from the Champagne region of France), and Sparkling wine made in the methode champenoise style from everywhere else that people incorrectly refer to loosely as ‘champagne’. Within the Champagne region, there are also two kinds of wine: Négociant and Grower.

Négociants can “negotiate” to buy grapes here or there for their wines, which means that can make as much or as little as they want—that’s good for business. A Grower really makes wine from what they grow on their property. Does that mean there’s smaller production and higher quality? Maybe.

Here’s a Grower Champagne, aka “farmer fizz” that I think you’re gonna like. For about $45 from or at your local shop, we can start off just about any celebration in style. Importer, Terry Theise describes it best:

This used to be a party-girl kind of Champagne, easy to have fun with, and so you were surprised to learn she was a straight-A student. Following the cheesy metaphor, now she’s in grad school and discovered that to maintain her grades she had to party a lot less. Basically, the wine has completed a transformation to something More Serious. Now 30% ’07 and 70% ’08, or rather, soon to be. What we’re currently selling is a 10/10 disgorgement that’s still cheerful and swank. This new guy is awaiting a final decision as to its dosage. It had three grams less than the current wine. It “worked” in its drier form, but in a significantly different way; still doughy and shiitake-ish but markedly more….call it masculine.

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