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Welcome to Back to Bakas’ growing list of recipes. All recipes can be viewed on a smart phone for when you’re on the go and want to buy ingredients for a dish. A new feature just added allows you, the reader to share a recipe by using the submission link above.

Many of these dishes are created from scratch or modified over time, in some cases to pair with a specific wine. For wine or beer lover, many of the dishes comes with a drink pairing and description of why it goes together.

Although I’m not a trained chef, I am a certified sommelier who spent 3 years working in kitchens of nicer restaurants during college. Since those days, I’ve always cooked at home and tried to find balance and texture in my dishes. Most of these recipes are intentionally meant to be easy to moderate. There aren’t many advanced dishes but if you’d like to see some please let me know. Hope you enjoy!

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