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If you think social media is an important part of being a successful blogger, then Quick Bites might just be the best fifteen bucks you’ll spend.

In my past life I was a branding guy at NIKE, Inc for eight years where I worked on the branding team for the Denver Broncos, New York Giants and University of Oregon Ducks to name a few. There, I learned just about everything there is to know about what makes a brand work. As social media started to become more important in our lives, I took the stuff I learned at NIKE about branding and applied it to my own online presence.

Now my personal brand has grown online to include over 90,000 Twitter followers (and verified), over half a million followers on Google+ as well as increased visibility across the web on other social sites including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook among others. I want to teach you how to grow your own brand online:

Twitter Brand

G+ profile


You, the brand

This book is one of the easiest social media books you’ll ever read and understand. I wrote it in a way that presents valuable personal branding insights in handy how-to approach. The tips in Quick Bites have been battle tested over the past five years and are now wrapped neatly into a little package for you to benefit from.

Each savory tip is an actionable item that’s easy to understand and implement into your life online.

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Quick Bites: 75 Savory Tips For Social Media Success



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