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Quick! Recite a quote from the movie Sideways about Merlot. Good job if your quote was, “I’m not drinking any f*cking Merlot!” Here’s 3 things you might not know about that infamous statement by Miles: Merlot was Miles’ ex-wife’s favorite wine – The movie doesn’t give context to why Miles […]

3 Myths About Merlot and the Movie Sideways

10 Things you didn't know about Merlot
My wine friend, Monique Soltani over at Wine Oh TV had a chance to sit down with well known wine personalities to discuss the Merlot grape in anticipation for October’s #MerlotMe celebration. Since the movie, Sideways came out nearly ten years ago, the Merlot grape has taken a beating and […]

10 Things You Don’t Know About Merlot

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The first cigarette I ever had I smoked behind Grandpa’s barn. It made me dizzy, and I coughed a lot. “Don’t worry, that always happens with the first one,” said Grandpa. “Try another one.” And you know, he was right.  -Jack Handey It’s funny the things you remember from childhood. […]

5 Days in Tuscany: The Misadventures of the Chianti Classico ...

beef cuts
Dario “The Butcher” Cecchini likes meat…A LOT. No, I mean he really likes cuts of beef. So much so that he raises his own beef in Spain and puts on a “meat theater” every night at his Panzano in Chianti based restaurant, Antica Macelleria Cechini. When we visited, Cecchini had […]

Meat “The Butcher” & King of Beef Cuts Dario Cecchini

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Here’s a modern twist on a classic breakfast. In place of the bacon we have prosciutto. In place of hash browns we have thinly sliced new potatoes and as an alternative to fried eggs you can use Jerry James Stone’s perfect poached egg technique. A little warm arugula and drizzled […]

Prosciutto, Warm Arugula, Egg & Balsamic Brunch Recipe

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photo courtesy of wikipedia Just to be clear, I’m not bi-polar. And unofficially, neither is one of my close family members. But he sure seems to exhibit a textbook description of bipolarism. For years growing up, my family member would either be the sweetest guy in the world, or the biggest […]

Living a Bi-Polar Life

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That’s right, I said it. I’m giving away a trip to Seattle to one fellow wine+food lover. All you gotta do is subscribe to this blog and answer the following question: What will you do with $500 and 2 days in Seattle? Last year, Mrs. B and I were challenged […]

#2DaysInSeattle Trip Giveaway

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Listen up wine lovers, I’m giving away a bottle of Washington wine each day this week. Well, technically, I’m not giving it away, the wine is going to be sent to you from and it’s paid for by the folks at Visit Seattle who are behind the #2daysinseattle promo […]

Washington Wine Giveaway Week

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Fort Baker photo courtesy of National Parks Service – base of yet-to-be-built Golden Gate bridge on the left of the photo A Rich History at Cavallo Point At the base of the Golden Gate bridge on the Marin side of the bay sits a prime piece of California Parks and […]

Food & Drink at Cavallo Point Overlooking the Golden Gate ...

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Dear Facebook, When I first laid eyes on you back in 2006 I knew you were something special. The excitement of this new relationship made it so I couldn’t wait to see you every day. Back then things were so simple—I had just gotten out of a boring relationship with […]

After Seven Years Together, I’m Breaking Up With Facebook

Wine Pairing We shouldn’t have to look far to find a wine to serve with this. Seafood is the protein, so that helps decide the choice of wine. Although buttery Chardonnay’s are a dime a dozen in nearby Sonoma or Napa, I’m leaning towards a Sauvignon Blanc or possibly an […]

Spicy Cioppino

Potato Leek and Bacon Soup
Bacon. There, I said it. Crisp savory bacon with some other ingredients, namely chicken stock, potatoes and leeks make this a super easy hearty dish to have in the middle of winter when Punxsutawney Phil tells us to hunker down for six more weeks (damn that little rodent!). What could be easier […]

Potato Leek and Bacon Soup