Meat-a-Palooza Day 1: Pork Sliders 2

pork sliders

Pork sliders are one of life’s little rewards. Little bundles of porky goodness can be heavenly if done right, or they can be dry and gamey. I’m going to show you how to do it right. The finished product will be savory, sweet, tangy and come with a little crunch.

I made these with some buddies during a festival of meat we do once a year. Meat-a-Palooza celebrates the NFL draft, grilling out and just being a man. Day 1 was all about pork products in the smoker. Aside from these pork sliders, I also smoked a few racks of ribs. See the HOW TO post about smoking ribs. Smoking commenced at 6am and went until about 4pm.

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