michelada key ingredients

HOW TO make the Perfect Michelada


michelada key ingredients

Michelada’s are Mexico’s answer to red beer that can be made in a variety of ways, but the main ingredients are beer and tomato juice.  The following is a recipe I like to use during football season because it goes with the tailgating types of foods.  A good Michelada has an equal balance of sweet, sour, bitter and salt (like most things in life) so when you make this, try to find the equal balance between ingredients.

1 bottle Mexican beer such as Pacifico
1 lemon
1 TSP Michelada salt
1/4 cup Clamato
dash of Tapatio

The lemon is really what brings everything together.  Cut the ends off a lemon, then cut the lemon in half.  Juice one half of the lemon into a pint glass making sure to remove seeds.  Add in TSP of Michelada salt, Clamato and a dash of Tapatio.  Your mixture should fill the bottom 1/3 of the pint glass.  Use a spoon and mix it together, then pour in Pacifico almost to the top making sure to leave room for lemon halves.  Sit back and enjoy!

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