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I had an epiphany over breakfast one day to try this coffee rubbed pork concept. Coffee and cream go together—especially when there’s a savory pork products involved (like bacon). So I took the idea of those three ingredients and did a club remix for dinner. And thus, the coffee rubbed pork with dijon cream sauce was born.

coffee rubbed pork tenderloin

 Wine Pairing Ideas

Pork is a bff to many a food lovers in my life. I like it in the morning. I like it in the afternoon. I like it with any meal and time of day. But pork is at its best with it’s paired with wine. So many different wines from around the world can be considered for the dinner table with there’s savory pig parts involved.

For this particular dish, there’s sweet, sour, bitter and salt flavors going on. The pork is salty itself and there’s salt in the rub but you can feel free to cut it in half if you want. Dijon adds a little tangy goodness that your taste buds will love and of course there’s savory. Picking a wine didn’t take very long—here’s what I suggest:


2007 Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie

Nothern Rhone Syrah from 2007 and 2009 vintages are drinking really well now. Both vintages were on the hotter side, so some of the wines came out a little bigger and fruiter than leaner vintages. Normally I’d suggest letting those beauties sit in the cellar longer to amplify the intoxicating notes on the nose but the ’07s and ’09s are accessible earlier.

At its best, Syrah brings it in the aromatics department—smoke, roasted meats, damp earth, peppery goodness and savory envelope gorgeous black fruits in the glass. Northern Rhone Syrah offers up all those pretty notes but without too much extraction. Whereas Syrah might be high octane and high alcohol in other parts of the world, here it’s restrained and compliments food without overpowering.

Rene Rostaing is a personal favorite. His Cote-Rotie fits the description above to a ‘T’. I can smell all those incredible aromas in the glass while it’s sitting on the table 18″ away. Savory black pepper notes and a bit of sweetness offset the heat in the rub. As you’ll see in the preparation below, I like to smoke the meat before finishing on the grill, which just makes this pairing even more delicious.

If this wine isn’t available, look for some other Syrah’s from Northern Rhone or perhaps a heavier bodied Pinot Noir with dark fruits and smoke notes. The next time we fire this up we may try something from Ribero del Duero or possibly a Cannonau di Sardegna from Italy

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