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Another year is in the books, and for this site it was a big step forward. With a new design in May and a new mobile look, Back to Bakas is getting closer to what  it’ll ultimately become. The redesign was inspired by a combination of Sunset magazine and Pinterest—in other words it’s all about the lifestyle of living in…

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The Impact of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Transaction

Few people have impacted the wine industry in the last twenty years like wine critic, Robert Parker. His influence and palate helped create meta trends like the cult wine craze in the late 1990’s and a new style of wine affectionately referred to as “the Parker palate” where bigger, jammier wines are rewarded with high scores. Parker recently announced he would sell…

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This Holiday Season #Drinkwutchyalike

Before Digital Underground brought us the Humpty Dance, they gave us a song called Doowutchyalike. I might be showing my age here but I used to play this all the damn time when I was a DJ in college: “Just eat food try not to be crude or rude, kill the attitude… chill the serious mood…and doowutchyalike” 2012 is almost…


A ‘Thank You’ Gift for Back to Bakas Subscribers

Thank you for being a Back to Bakas subscriber! There’s not many people getting rich and retiring to the Florida Keys on a sailboat from writing a blog, present company included. Many bloggers do it for the love of sharing. I put a lot of work into this little corner of the internet and really appreciate the fact that YOU…

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A Really Goode Job & St. Supéry Three Years Later

The 4th of July has already come and gone. This holiday is especially memorable for me because it was 4th of July in 2009 that my life changed forever. Back in the spring of 2009, Murphy Goode winery ran a genius PR campaign called, “A Really Goode Job”. They asked people to submit a 60-second video describing why they should…

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