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This Holiday Season #Drinkwutchyalike

Before Digital Underground brought us the Humpty Dance, they gave us a song called Doowutchyalike. I might be showing my age here but I used to play this all the damn time when I was a DJ in college: “Just eat food try not to be crude or rude, kill the attitude… chill the serious mood…and doowutchyalike” 2012 is almost…

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The Best Gift Wine Lovers Can Receive

There’s no shortage of wine chotchkies one can give as a gift during the holidays. Chances are the wine lover(s) in your life already has a cornucopia of bottle openers, decanters, wine glass charms or ceramic butler statue/bottle holder. But what’s the one thing every wine lover could use more of (besides more wine)? The answer is knowledge. There’s so…

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3 Northwest Wineries to Discover

2010 was a classic vintage in Oregon and Washington. As the wines from the vintage start to enter the market, wine lovers might feel like a kid in a candy store with all the choices of what to buy. Here’s a few brands you may or may not have heard of, but are worth discovering. “2010 was the best vintage…

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3 Unique Dining Destinations Across the Golden Gate Bridge

There’s no shortage of exceptional dining in the bay area. So for a restaurant to really stand it needs to have a unique personality. As you drive north on Hwy 101 across the Golden Gate into Marin county you may get hungry. Whether heading to wine country or visiting Northern California for shopping or scenery, take a moment and discover…

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An Afternoon at Saintsbury in Napa Valley

You’d think a Napa winery that has been around for almost thirty years would have a big tasting room for tourists to pile into by the bus load. For many visitors to Napa, stepping into large tasting rooms give the immediate impression of a cash cow. Have you seen our club? We have a wine club. Join our club. Subscribe…


3 Wine Geek Wines for Summer

Wines for Summer “Summer’s here and the time is right to be dancing in the streets.” This is a time for celebrating life, hanging out with friends, wearing gaudy bright ’80’s clothes and Reebok’s while dancing around with a mullet. As the weather heats up I’ve got a few wines for summer that are all business in the front, and…

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The Guide to Visiting Napa Valley

map courtesy of winecountrygetaways.com At least once a week I get asked about where to go and what to do in Napa from people online who are planning a visit. So I put together this ever-changing (mobile phone friendly) guide to visiting Napa Valley. Pretty soon I’ll have a Foursquare and/or Forkly guide, along with ongoing updates. Check back frequently…

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