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Don’t call it a come back. Australia has been producing world class wine for decades, thank you. We might not know that because if you live in the American market you only know one kind of Australian wine style—ridiculously big fruit bombs driven by scores. The kind of wines that […]

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Australia’s Hidden Gems Have Been ...

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This recipe was created to be a Pinot Noir pairing. More specifically, it was meant to go with Pinot Noirs with a distinct black cherry and darker fruit profiles. Two of the tell-tale fruit notes in Pinot Noir are cherry and raspberry. But what kind of cherry and what kind […]

Pinot Noir Pairing: Grilled Pork Tenderloin w/ Cherry Reduction Sauce

Wines for Summer “Summer’s here and the time is right to be dancing in the streets.” This is a time for celebrating life, hanging out with friends, wearing gaudy bright ’80’s clothes and Reebok’s while dancing around with a mullet. As the weather heats up I’ve got a few wines […]

3 Wine Geek Wines for Summer