Crisp Savory Bacon. Yum!

coffee rubbed pork

Coffee Rubbed Pork w/ Dijon Cream Sauce

I had an epiphany over breakfast one day to try this coffee rubbed pork concept. Coffee and cream go together—especially when there’s a savory pork products involved (like bacon). So I took the idea of those three ingredients and did a club remix for dinner. And thus, the coffee rubbed pork with dijon cream sauce was born.  Wine Pairing Ideas…

Potato Leek and Bacon Soup

Potato Leek and Bacon Soup

Bacon. There, I said it. Crisp savory bacon with some other ingredients, namely chicken stock, potatoes and leeks make this a super easy hearty dish to have in the middle of winter when Punxsutawney Phil tells us to hunker down for six more weeks (damn that little rodent!). What could be easier than throwing everything into a crock pot and forgetting about…


Pork Ragu with Wine Pairings

WINE PAIRINGS: Fall and winter dishes are some of my favorite dishes for wine pairing. Hearty comfort food with a delicious hearty wine with family or friends is what life is all about. Mrs. B and I just moved into a new home October 1st and wanted to have our families over for a house warming dinner. We did what…

bomb ass burger

Bomb-Ass Turkey Burgers

These are some of the best turkey burgers you’ll ever have—Period. By itself, ground turkey meat doesn’t taste all that great, but when you invite a bunch of southwestern themed ingredients to the party, it’ll turn that frown upside down. My neighbor swore he hated turkey burgers until the day came when his doctor told him he couldn’t eat red…

finished product

Meat-a-Palooza Day 1: Smoked Pork Ribs

During the NFL draft some buddies and I like to get together and fire up the grill. We cook all sorts of meats in honor of America’s favorite past time. What goes better with football than meat? Day one was all about pork. I smoked a few racks of pork ribs and pork shoulder for pulled pork sliders. For rib…

photo by sheepdoc

Chocolate Almond Bacon Bars

INGREDIENTS 1 cup heavy cream 10 OZ dark chocolate 4 OZ blanched Marcona almonds, crushed Heat cream until almost boiling. Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler. Remove from heat and combine with cream. Fold in almonds, pour mixture onto baking sheet and freeze until set. . INGREDIENTS pt. 2 1/2 cup heavy cream 10 OZ white chocolate 12-OZ package…

Pork Lovers! The Mother of all Food Experiments on Video

. . The Oregon Culinary Institute explored the idea of pork products.  They raised two different kinds of pork, then had a feast to see which kind of pork tastes better—pen raised or farm raised.  The experiment was documented by Acutal Industries, and here’s what took place: OCI Heritage Pig Project: Trailer from Actual Industries on Vimeo. OCI Heritage Pig…


The Bakas Bacon Burger

. . You know you’re on to something when other people share your passion.  Take for example my obsession with bacon.  For the last three years I’ve been sharing things like Bacon Smoothies, or my annual Top 10 Bacon recipes but during a recent visit to Penticton, British Columbia I was introduce to my very own Bakas Bacon Burger. The…

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