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We did it!

After two years of looking, Mrs. B and I have finally bought a home in Northern California. Now we have the arduous task of filling it—with furniture, memories, family and of course good meals.

We never thought it would be so difficult to buy a house but it’s been a long journey with a satisfying reward at the end. Back in Colorado buying a house was no problem. There’s plenty of new construction, and prices are pretty affordable compared to California (no surprise there). What we can afford there is a lot different than what we can afford here, and it took some diligence to finally land in a good spot.

Since our wedding in 2008, we’ve moved 3 times including a move from Boulder to the bay area. We’re about ready to be done with moving around and settle into one place for a while.

This whole house hunting adventure started when we moved my Mom out from Colorado 2 years ago and started looking for a house with a “granny unit”. My Mom’s Multiple Sclerosis is getting worse, but she really wants to have her independence. So we thought it would be good to have her living close by, possibly on the same property but in a separate building. Caring for aging parents is a challenge many of us have, and there’s no easy solution.

Ultimately, we decided against a granny unit and narrowed our search to some cities near Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa. Now we live 30 minutes from my Mom, 30 minutes from Mrs. B’s parents (who also followed us west), 30 minutes from the ocean and 60 minutes from Mrs. B’s sister.

We often talk about feeling blessed to have friends and family close by and for this life we live in California. All this stress and hard work has been worth it. We can now feel like we’re putting down roots in one place that we can call home. James Taylor has a song lyric stating, “the secret to life is enjoying the passage of time” and we’re ready to do just that.

Lola made herself at home right away

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