A ‘Thank You’ Gift for Back to Bakas Subscribers 6

Thank you for being a Back to Bakas subscriber!

There’s not many people getting rich and retiring to the Florida Keys on a sailboat from writing a blog, present company included. Many bloggers do it for the love of sharing. I put a lot of work into this little corner of the internet and really appreciate the fact that YOU take the time to read it.

Ultimately, I hope subscribers to Back to Bakas learn something new or get inspired to share food and drink with friends. After all, that’s what eating and drinking is all about—sharing with friends.

My way of saying THANK YOU to all Back to Bakas subscribers is $20 (on $50 minimum) to spend on the newly launched personalwine.com. You don’t have to do anything if you’re a new or old subscriber—I’m going to send every email address the gift card no string attached.

Not a subscriber? Look over to the right —–>

Why? Personalwine.com CEO Alex Andrawes has been a good friend and a big supporter over the years. When he told me about his new site, I asked if it would be okay to do this to get more exposure to his site. He agreed. I get nothing out of this, except the satisfaction of continuing to add value to your life.

Personalwine.com is pretty slick. You pick out a blank bottle (Napa Cabernet, Grower Champagne, Russian River Chardonnay, etc…) then design your own custom label to go on the bottle. Great gifts to give this time of year.

Happy Holiday from all of us here at Back to Bakas!

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